Pesticide-free natural farming method

What’s “Genki” Power Farming Method?
(GP Farming Method)


  1. No use of pesticides
  2. No use of chemical fertilizer
  3. Increase power of local soil microbes and utilize it.

Pesticides can keep harmful insects away or kill them, but they also kill soil microbes at the same time.
Hundreds of millions, trillions of soil microbes live in the soil, and this natural cycle makes the soil healthy.  
By eating vegetables grown in the healthy soil, our men should become healthy.


The base principle is “Activate and propagate soil microbes, and increase the power of the soil”.


Thus, this system works for all kinds of produce including cultivating rice, vegetables, fruit and flowering trees.  

Furthermore it can be used in every type of climate, so its effectiveness will be more remarkable in difficult conditions like cold climates.


Examples of the effect

  1. Vegetables and fruit last long and stay fresh.  Extremely low taste of bitterness.  
    Strong antioxidant effect.  Safe from illness, less parasitic insects, more crop yields, not to be influenced by climates.
  2. From the GP vegetables several times higher energy than ordinary vegetables was detected by a university-use instrument.
  3. Trees in an ordinary house yard bloomed more than ever before.


Specifications and contents of the GP Farming Method

  1. Reishi” mushrooms or ceramicBury specially-processed “Reishi” mushrooms or ceramic in the soil.  
    This increases power of resident microbes in the soil to activate and propagate.
  2. Plant extract
    Make water solution from more than 15 kinds of fresh weed using a special method of GP Farming Method.  
    Spread this onto the soil.  
    Usually weed is regarded as a nuisance, while in the GP Farming Method let vitality of weed ferment for a week and take it as enzyme out of it.  
    More kinds of weed create higher power, so ideally 20-30 kinds of any types of weed to be used.
  3. Chaff compost
    Produce high-energy compost from mixture of chaff, rice bran and bean curd refuse using a special way of GP Farming Method.  
    Apply this on to the soil.  
    Much of bean curd refuse is disposed of as industrial waste, while GP Farming Method utilizes them to be compost in a month.


Time to take effect

   GP Farming Method shows its effect from 1 to 3 months from the conduct.  
   However, using pesticides and fertilizer together prevents microbes activating and negate an effect.